Language Services

Interpreting and Translating You Can Count On

You’re looking for communication solutions for your business. You need to effectively connect with your clients or patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). You can’t risk the possibility of miscommunications. 

At Reliance Language Services, we have three language solutions. These services provide all your interpreting and translating needs.

  1. On-site Language Interpretation services
  2. Video Remote Language Interpretation (VRI) Services
  3. Document Translation Services

On-Site Language Interpretation

Do you need someone to interpret between your staff and your clients or patients? We offer on-site language interpretation both as on-call services and as pre scheduled appointments. It’s the most effective way to provide your LEP population with language interpretation. We offer on-site language interpretation in many locations and states. 

What on-site language interpretation brings to your business:

  • Erase the disconnect between you and your non-English speaking clients and patients. Build trust without sacrificing the quality of care your clients and patients receive from you.
  • The easiest way to provide language interpretation to your clients and patients. Avoid the headache of tech malfunctions, lagging videos, or connectivity issues. Get your clients the information they need on time.
  • A seamless experience to remove the fear and helplessness of miscommunication. Avoid the confusion of missed context and the frustration of distorted vocal tones that often occur with long-distance communication.
  • Your interpreter knows how to read body language and facial expressions easily. This gives you the best interpretation possible, and clarifies any confusion between all parties.

On-site language interpretation gives you and your clients/patients the best experience possible. It’s our most effective service to meet your needs. 

Our on-site language interpretation is available in more than 10 different languages.

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Video Remote Language Interpretation

Video Remote interpretation (VRI) is a great alternative to on-site language interpretation. If on-site isn’t possible – go with VRI. 

When would VRI services make sense for your business?

  • You’re looking for a more cost-effective language interpretation solution.
  • You need language interpretation for languages that aren’t available on-site.
  • A group of many people in different places needs interpretation services. For example, families with power of attorney.
  • If the interpreter isn’t allowed in the room. Possible examples would be due to quarantine protocols or infectious disease protocols.
  • Provide solutions for clients or patients with disabilities or travel limitations. Allow them to receive appointment interpretation in their own homes.

VRI services are a very effective way to communicate with your LEP population. When you book VRI services with us…

  • We bring your clients and patients clarity by dispelling confusion. No need to guess if they have understood you correctly, we’ll take care of it.
  • We create connections between all parties included on the call. For authentic communication and a seamless experience for your clients and patients.
  • We provide a secure platform that is HIPPA compliant. You and your clients/patients can feel comfortable speaking freely.

Our VRI language services are available in more than 20 different languages.

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Document Translation

Are you tired of providing your clients/patients with documents translated word for word – with no industry context? We have the solution. Invest in document translation services that make sense – for everyone.

Some documents are a one-time investment but make a world of difference.

  • Signs
  • Marketing Material
  • Brochures
  • Website content
  • Patient education materials
  • Forms
  • Manuals

Some documents may need to be translated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Medical records
  • Medication instructions
  • Patient discharge papers
  • Legal documentation
  • Immigration documents

All our document translation is written in the context of your field. You no longer have to rely on computer software that only translates documents word for word, producing a result that makes no sense.

We remain HIPAA compliant. Making us a good choice for sensitive document translation.

Rest easy knowing your clients and patients are getting the documents they need – in their native language – so they have a great experience with your services.

Universal Language Services That Bring Clarity

Our team provides your clients/patients with the authentic communication they deserve. Give all your clients and patients the best experience possible – whether English is their native language or not.

Let us connect you to your people with language services custom-tailored to your business.